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Project Management

Noveo offers contracted NPD project management services for companies experiencing resource shortages or who want to de-risk development by outsourcing to a professional. Dependent upon contract terms, we will assume active day-to-day management of your project through specific stages or for the entire project duration. Our PMs are highly experienced in all aspects of the craft and will seamlessly integrate into your organizational structure using your existing tools and templates. We deliver the full scope on or before the baseline due date over 95% of the time.

Process Design

As product launch cycles shorten and customer expectations for rapid development heighten, competitive companies cannot afford sub-optimal NPD methodologies. Noveo specializes in developing process architectures that fit within your existing organization framework that make NPD faster, more efficient, and more effective. By using a systems-thinking approach, we can fully map your processes, audit them against world-class standards, and identify areas of improvement opportunity. With our program management backing, we are also able to describe – or actively manage – the organizational changes required to adopt the new processes.

Product Design

Looking for product design assistance? Noveo offers contracted design services for B2B products ranging from Voice of Customer solicitation and requirements gathering to producing initial prototypes. Let us help you get through alpha prototyping quickly using human-centered design workshops or assess your concepts via user experience laboratories.


In addition to the standard services described, Noveo is available for customized consulting to satisfy a wide variety of objectives, including template and tools design, NPD portfolio valuation, ROI analyses, and product risk assessments. Contact us to begin a conversation for your specific needs.

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